Well its April already I started a new farm blog and will try to keep it up.  A lot has happened this year already!

Kiddo has been loving school and she is doing great she is loved by almost all of her teaches and they all speak highly of her.  (Thank goodness for small schools)  She was chosen as a Champion of Character for her class and got honored at a College basketball  tournament.  Then she also won the DARE essay contest for her school  and got to read it at the DARE graduation which had 5  schools which was 5 and 6 th grades there.  At Christmas she sang Little Drummer Boy with her friend for the Christmas program she is just  blooming into quite the little go-getter lady.

Little guy is growing like a weed its hard to believe that he is one already.  He loves being outside, the cows, the 4 wheeler and the tractor.  He loves music, mickey mouse and any type of fruit.  He sure keeps us on our toes.

Well Hubby retired in January for the AF and now we are fixing up the farm.  Its odd having him home all the time. But nice as we can attend kiddos events at school and such.

Well Me on the other hand have had a rough start to the new year  I had a miscarriage and it hit me hard however I know that God had a reason for it. Other then chasing after the kids  I been helping fix the farm up.  I really enjoy the country life. I have a garden now and love that we can teach these things to our kids.

Well here are some pictures

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