About Me

CoffeeMom  (yep that my nickname don't wear it out :) there are others but are not to good to use on my family blog)

CoffeeMom is...
…. Just a writing Wife, Mother, and a friend(there are more to add here to just dont want to bore anyone)...who loves coffee and connecting with people in her life through any way possible. I enjoy it when people comment on the posts, this way I know who is visiting my little Realm and why they didn't bring any coffee with them.  I blog to keep our family and friends updated with news. No I am not a daily blogger I blog when mood strikes.

What do you do in your spare time? as of  now  I  watch my kids  growing up.  Help with homework.... Became a leader  for my daughters daisy troop for  Girl Scouts in Florida and then Girl Scouts  stuck with me as  I have been a Daisy leader 2 year and now I am a Troop leader for a mixed troop from  Daisies to Cadettes and leader to the Juniors, daisys.  Now I am her Juilette leader. Try to keep up with friends and family, and chase the  almost 8 month old around, then if there  is any time left over  I do housework ewww

Loves of my life?   Family, Husband, Daughter, Son, Good Friends, Critters, The good  old  USA, Girl Scouts and last but not least Coffee!!!! ( these thing are in random order as  on some days things rank higher then others)
I blog to keep  our  family and friends  updated with news. No  I am not a daily blogger  I blog when mood strikes.

What  do I like to do.... Well that depends on who you ask.
I love to read... give me a good book and you won't hear to much out of me ( maybe a laugh, or giggle now and then or a sniffle if  its that kind)

I love to write....  I have not been up on it as I should  strange thing was  I wrote more when  before kiddo was born  but I try to sit down and even layout a short story every month or so.

Camp Fish Hike... Love doing  family things away from my dreaded ... (lol words escapes me here)

Fish-  Tropical fish- Freshwater  my home is not a home unless my tanks are up and running with fish in!

Other things that dont need explaining:
  • Baths
  • Crafts
  • Cooking (hubby would disagree here  as he cooks most of the meals)
  • Planting things
  • Photography
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • ECT (lol)

Pet Peeves: dont worry I only have a few
  • People who live in MY Country that dont speak English
  • People who put down our Military cause they don't have the balls to to do what our Troops do
  • burnt  food
  • Stupid People 
  • People who dont repect the flag or our Country
  • people who use others  just take all the credit for it
Better not tell you any more or else you all will know me to well.

So there is my life in a small condensed version  hope you all enjoyed it :P