I am a slacker  I have been too busy writing, Family and farm life  to keep up last year.  I will try to be better even though only a few view this as most is family.

Let's see  we now have a teen!!  EEKKKKKK! Kiddo has had her First broken bone as well.  She started hunter safety this year So we have another hunter!!
The Little one is growing like a weed and getting more talkative daily.  He loves to check the cows and see the babies. He also wants to go to school and ride the bus.
Farm life is good  we have increased our head sorta or breaking even.  We started this adventure with 4 heifers.  They were bred this year and we have  3 calves so far 1 heifer the other bull  and one left to go.  We also bought  7 heifers but one of them died  so  we are we are sorta breaking even this year.    Along with the farm life,  we are doing a program with the USDA  and have been busting our tails to get things completed.
Our Trip up to Trappers Camp in Montana was  so stressful as we had everything planned and ready to go and then there was a death in the family so hubby stayed behind and the Kids and I flew up.  Hubby then drove up and got us.  We went sight seeing on the way home  it was nice but  having 3 puking people in a car is not fun.  Mt Rushmore will now bring back different memories.  So prayers that next year will be better.
As for Hubby he works part time at a pawn shop and the rest around the farm.
I have one book wrote just need tweak things a tad I also have  3 others started.  Will I ever publish, lol  who knows.  I told my kiddo when I die she can publish them and split the money with her brother.
 So there is our update I will try to get my other pages updated as well.
Enjoy some coffee for me, please!

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