This new Blogger interface sucks!!!!  I want to keep my old one!!

Anyways  over the weekend I got  30 more guppies from a guy hubby work with that is moving...
Hubby got an early birthday gift from Kiddo and I   He has a new pistol  and kiddo got him ammo.   Nothing much  going on.  Tomorrow  I will be posting a recipe for a taco ring that I will be making for supper.   I can't wait  to move to MO  where I can have a garden and not spend as much on  groceries my word  went shopping and spend  350 dollars  however   50 of that was other things like a christmas present  and non edible things :)  So we should be able to have  a few weeks of not having to shop!

Really missing the strawberries from the Goodson Farms  in Balm, Florida  and missing all my friends!!  Got pictures from some great friends and really miss them and the kiddos  they are growing up to fast!  Miss my bus stop mom, TKD families  and  all the GS friends  I have made..  Is it sad I miss the Sand-hill cranes making all the noise early morning that  freaked my hubby out?

kiddo when she was little   and her self given hair cut

Wild Montana Sky

Hubby thinks these cups only are in MT  heheh found them in WYO  as well  Would love a few sets of these for our MO house lol  or the bell canning jar ones

My Nephew and my daughter  we had a blast on the trip to MT  to bad it was so short :(

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Redneck Girl said...

Thnk the kiddo's pict was in Sheridan wyo at the place where my food got messed up! Tee hee!