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Well lets just say I cant wait till the end of march but yet I wish it had not even started yet.
GS Cookies are almost done  just getting the last  Cookie Booths out of the way and the mailing of cookies to relatives.   The 26th we are at encampment  I cant wait to see how much fun my girls have!

However busy with girl scouts  leaves me little time to clean and get ready for moving  its very stressful when you know your moving in june  but you just dont know where.  Houseing markets  suck!  sad note there too which all determines what we are going to have to do when we move.  Kiddo will sure have alot of penpals after this move.

A few things  I will miss when leaving Florida,  The great friends I have made from TKD, Other GS  troops and the great friends  I have made in GS,  a few of the parent in our GS troop now, The manatees, the strawberries fresh picked all year round, the ocean  when we did get there, sea world  (love those water critters)  Kiddos  awesome teachers that she had down here  every one has just  been spectacular and I could have not picked them any better.  You know that a teacher has touched there life when that child cries over missing them during the summer and and that the teachers see you in a store and ask about the child.

Things  I wont miss   The heat, people (1/2 the people are rude down here), Snakes, cockroachs and the darn tree and its acorns that it drops half the year in our yard and palm trees.

That about all I can think of  going to wind down play some WOW and maybe  get some sleep.

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