This that and thinking day GS :)

This week has been busy  first kiddo has half day and a day of no school ... so my free time  went out the window.  Kiddo writing on the wall with marker  getting into things that she knew better such as  a whole roll of  glue dots that I got for the Thinking day board along with some of my other stuff.  So she got grounded.  1 week  no tv  but at least she is being good about it.    lets just say  I love it (not) when people who dont have kids tell me kids will be kids and its not that big of deal and  some day you will laugh at it.   Yeah but for this mom its not anytime soon!  I hex you all to have rotten kids  so I can say the same to you :)  gee  I feel better now :)

Thinking day work had to be ready by the 12th.  Done thank goodness. Lets see Monday of this week  my beloved coffee pot broke... sad sad sad day Hubby surpised me with a plate of chocolate cover strawberries. Nice thought  love him for it but  how was he to know out of the 12 there were only 5 I could eat as the rest rest had nuts on.  Still #1 in my books and will be for a while.  Kiddo got me a new coffee cup too.

picture time  as I cant think of anything else I want or have to say  (shocking I know)

my diorama of the Qatar area  the cats keep pulling my grass off  and  such  I still have it so I may take some better ones.  if it was not so spendy  I would  love to continue to make them its kinda fun.

Our display for  Qatar

the back of our swap  clay baked camels  (had over 200 to do uggg)

Front of our swap had sand and 3 pearls in and the image above it )

All the swap that were collected from other Troops there.
my troop not all the girls are in it but at the time these were there  I have  a grandma of one of the girls that took a picture  and it has more in and me if I can get it from her.

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