I told you I was not a daily, monthy blogger :)

Well where to start...  I will start  where I stopped blogging ( I think)

First  My sister had surgery and she doing good now. Though I wish I would have been there for her. Lucky mom was there and was able to help her.
  I got my christmas present early from my hubby.
He flew my parents down here for  Christmas.  I was so excited to have them spend christmas with us.  Lets just say  I seen more of florida in 2 weeks then I have living here for  3 years.  We were all over the place.  What  I like  you know how parents witness a child's first time of things  well  I got to witness my dad's first time to the ocean  and got him to go fishing in the ocean!  Some if not all of the places we went :
SeaWorld, Myakka, Lowery park Zoo, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Mote Aquarium, Florida Aquarium, MacDill AFB, Anna Maria beach, St Pete beach

We had a great time and hated to see them go home.   Maybe they can come again after we move!

I have been busy with Girl Scouts  Thinking Day is  this weekend and I have alot of work to do to get the display done.   And  I will post some pictures  after this weekend.

Kiddo is doing good in school, loves girl scouts and taekwondo ( she is now a green belt and can spar!!) 

Hubby is still working  and doing what he does... ( its classified) LOL

Lets see other then that  not sure  if I have mentioned the  kittys  but they are better now and odd, strange but a joy to have around.  Rosie the beagle is doing great too if kiddo would stop feeding her treats.
Still have fish too on top of all of that.

Still waiting to hear when and where we are off to next... I hate this as  we dont have any time to get things done and rolling before  we have to move.

Superbowl-- The only thing that  saved it was  the actual game.  Was not impressed with the halftime  show   it sucked but not as bad as CA  messing up the Star Spangled Banner.  This was not her first time either.  I would have rather listen to  a bunch of kids out there singing it.   alright  its 3 am now  and maybe I can get some sleep.  

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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

I love your background and can't wait to see your diorama pictures!