The last 2 weeks......

Here is  a few thing  the last 2 weeks  enjoy oh  and our  2 visitors

this large thing was bigger the a basketball and scared me half to death as  I was trying to get to the bus stop due to early out.  I came around the corner and at a very quick glance  I thought it was a snake sunning its creepy self but the when I looked again  I saw it was not  and ran to get the camera  boy he moves fast let me tell you in  5 mins he was gone nowhere to be seen.

This guy way on our door step at  7 am as we were heading to the bus stop  all I got was " mom dont touch it  its got bumps and bumps are poison  dont you know anything"  lol lucky my bright flash  scared it  way.... what will I find tomorrow   praying no snakes!!!!!!!

Thriller that the School did kiddo is in there but in the far back you see a few glimpes of her at the end

Tricker treat street and a few other pictures

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