April Weekend 9-10

Well  it has been busy here

My troop did goodies for the Ronald McDonald house  and turned in pop tabs.   It was great fun and My girls  rock!!!
 Our  goodies we made fro the Ronald McDonald House
KIddo roping  at encampment

We also went to the  Ren fest in Tampa  it was hot and great   Here is the link to the pictures

We seen a living statue, Kiddo judged acrobats on stage, saw jugglers,  awesome dragon wine/glasses holder.  Kiddo got to shoot a bow as well  I think most of  pictures are labled or if not you can tell what they are.

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Redneck Girl said...

I couldn't see Amanda in the fairy picture or the statue one!!! All I saw was 3 beautiful fairies and 2 really cool statues! Are you sure she was there???

Food looked good! Great Job!