Sorry so behind

Well lets just  say  I cant wait to be done with cookies  and have that  stress relieved as  its a pain when the Leader of the troop wanted nothing to do with it  but yet is dipping her  hand and stuff in and is getting very annoying.  All in all its been ok though. 

So catching up  is all I ever seem to do  but  here are some pictures from things that we have done

MOSI  = Musuem of Science and Industy 

This place was nothing like I thought it would be  I was very disappointed. First off we had 2 free tickets from a Girl scout event that Kiddo and I attended that  the host  MOSI  never showed up and gave us tickets.  When we got there  we got our tickets and asked if the Davinci  thing was on there as well and  the guy said yes  well  it wasn't  and that started the day off bad.   The had fun things  on one lvl  like building up  blocks and blowing them down, wind tunnel and such and then the next floor was very much geared to older Kids as it showed  birthing and such with graphic pictures  and then when to how kids mature.  The had a hearing thing  and a few other but the best fun  was the Imax movie  under the sea  (except the  sea snakes) but it was cool  cause it was in a dome room and you could alraound  you and it felt as if you were in a bubble under the ocean.  Then we did the  star viewing thing and that was cool too.

Strawberry  Fest
it was a hot day.  again not what I thought  but turned out ok  it was just a  fair  that was centered around stawberrries.  We seen a lady acrobat,  puppet show some old cars  and kiddo and  hubby rode some rides.  We got a flat of strawberried as well and it took us forever to get home due to traffic

Girl Scouts  had  a dessert baking thing at  the Ronald Macdonald house and  the girls seemed to have a good time, now we have a mock baby shower set up to donate clothes/items to a church group.  Also there are a few other things  like professional day, little chefs academy, and Great Exploration comeing up. the last to are what  the girls decided to do with the cookie money.  Profession day will be fun as  Kiddos  tkd instructor was invite to show the girls some stuff.

okies  Kiddo got her  second strip on her  belt she is tickled pink.  She trying so hard with it.

She lost  her second tooth.

Hubby has been gone alot  to  DC and Hawii and he is heading to Las Vegas soon for the Shreiver Games so  he might get to see some old friends.

well that about all I know right now  so here are some pictures and I will post more later


kiddos Cookies just in pre Orders lol there are more boxes behind the stacks  had to stack tall   to fit  11  piles of cookies in my house

our troops pre oder cookies  notice  the thin mints are stacked 5 boxes deep and the same with the samoas

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