Boy how time flies! I was going to try and stay caught up but to much going on and to little time. This week is spring break down here and we have it packed to the gills from tkd, girl scouts, sea world, to camping so hubby can get his diving certification done.

I am still trying to recover from my ear/sinus infection and may have to go back to the dr and get it check again as its not playing nice

I am trying a new photo site Flickr so do your best to view the pictures if you all have trouble I will upload to them to the one I normally use. so here is the link
some of you got emails already from me from flicker.

Well that about all I know I am up waiting for hubby uniforms to dry as he waits til the last minute to tell me they are dirty how do I know if he keeps them hung up by the clean ones? Men the world might never know how they think.

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