This and That

Well  if its not one thing its another :)(  

I have to many things going to keep up this blog  but  I am trying.   Things  have  changed around so now  I am trying to back in the swing of things.  Kiddo moved up to juniors in TKD  and loving it   She tested in little dragons and go her yellow belt. I have ordered a bag for her new pink sparring gear from Stitcheroos (she does wonderful work and is fast too see her blog  click link on right side of my page or above) So when all that arrives  I will get pictures posted.

The house is another matter  it has a smell and I cant tell if  its the house or the fishtank or something else no matter what  I do it still has a odd smell  guess  I will have to empty the tank and fill it back up and see if that helps.  The disposal started  leaking and we finally got it hooked up  and no leaks or issues yet for that.  Then today   after  having  a headache from the noise of our dryer running last night and today  I fixed it after reading a few tips on the net on what it might be.  A fast fix for  a dryer that is rattling.. take a puddy knife or  screwdriver and pry off the lower cover to the dryer. Ours had 2 clips that you had to pry loose but  when you open it up you will be shocked... we had about  a soft ball size  section of lint and  about  3 dollars of coins.   Well the coins is what  was making the nosie.  I picked the coins out and then  vaccumed the rest of the lint out. and put it back together and there is no rattle what so ever.  Saved having someone  come out and charge me and  made 3 bucks:)

Well now I better get to cleaning the rest of my house and figure out supper tonight.

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