Fed up and need something different!

Ok if last night could not have been any worse today is horrible! If I am not making any sense its cause I am running on maybe if I am lucky an hour of sleep. I was up most the night with kiddo who was sick decided that I wanted to spend some time with hubby before he had to get up and layed down by him for what I was hoping to be at least 1/2 hr of sleep only to be interruped by the stinking smoke alarms. I really think the company should have a lable on them or some easy way to change the battery if it dies or is low. Lets just say having a sick kid, lack of sleep, no coffee yet and smoke alarms that go off for over 2 hrs this morning. What ever happened to single smoke alarms that were not hard wired and chirped when the battery got low. The other thing that has really made my day was trying to figure out what I could use to reach our 10 foot ceiling so I could change the battery. ( no ladder still) you would have thought that I learned the last time but let me tell you when we get our final house either we wont have tall ceilings or the smoke alarms will be in reach when standing on a chair.

Ok about kiddo. She had a temp last night it came down but she was up most of the night with a stuffy nose that she only will wipe (or pat) she seems better today but I kept her home to rest and take an easy so I can be sure that its not the nasty stomach bug going around.

That is all that is going on here. Thank goodness I think my coffee is ready... now if it would only warm up some!!

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