stuff I promised a while ago LOL

Alright today was kiddos Valentine party at school and lets just say that having notes sent home saying the families were welcome then to getting there and have them say otherwise in not so many words is/was a pain and bummed me out for the day.. How ever it did get better because another lady there who we have became fast friends decided that we would go get coffee and check out the new bealls store. We has so much fun pointing out outfits to each other that we would never wear. Now kiddo and I are at war since I am a mean Mommy and wont let her eat all the candy she got from school. I see a nap comming up shortly if it continues. Well thats all that going on today.

Here is the Manatee video how long has it taken me? Just so you all know it was windy and Manatees are shy :P

Other then that just some odd pictures that I have been meaning to post.

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