Frigid Feb!

First and for most
BEV send my Florida weather back!!!! It is chilly and has rained the past 2 day. Kiddo says that the weather must not like us here.

Well whats going on here... Not much

Hubby has a class this week and I think he goes tdy for a week or 2 but who knows when or where till the last minute.

Kiddo is Excited about Valentine's day so we are working on those. She had Pajama day at school last Friday since they were learning about the letter P. ]

I have been trying to get the house found I really need more space more Kitchen space. Our garage and spare room are still full of boxes. We need to get some bookshelves for Kiddo's room. I have pictures and a video I really need to get downloaded and on here of the Manatees from a few weeks again and stuff I am hoping to get hubby to go to the zoo this weekend not sure if we will or not but there is always hope. I have Joined the dreaded facebook not sure If I like it or not yet.

Other then that I am waiting for a friend (yeah I talking about you :P) to finish her lessons so we can start a PSP scrapbook class/ lesson together so that will take some time and having to remember all the tips and tricks. I have Joined the dreaded facebook not sure If I like it or not yet.

last little thought is that I wont be changing my layout anytime soon I think I found one I can live with for a while.

That's all that is happening unless you count our World of Warcraft life but that is not to exciting either

Have a mystical day everyone!!!!

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