The start of a wonderful day

What a morning this morning. I think someone has gone and replaced my kid last night as we slept. We didnt have fights about eating or getting dressed. When I went to walk her to school it was foggy out not a dense fog but I could see 7 plus house away so it wasnt bad. A nice cool morning where I wished I had on more the a tank top and shorts it was a tad chilly. But as the fog goes it soon lifted before I got home or the heat of the day started cause I was hot when I got home. We saw our cranes today they were eating bugs out of the sand at the playground and took off flying to the pond thing behind our neighbors across the streets house.

Things are good on the homefront as much as possible I have to call an electrian today and see if they can help us out with the smoke alarms any time we use the oven or grill outside,they go off. Yesterday Kiddo and I made cookies didn't burn them and the alarms in the house went off for over an hour and then the alarm in the computer room chirped till we unpluged it from the wall cause we couldn't get to sleep and its not because it had a low battery either we tried 3 batteries in it and cant get it to work. We thought they were hooked to the alarm system but when we called them they told us since no lights were lit up on it that the builder hardwired them in. Bad thing is there is a breaker box or switch somewhere for them in the house but as of right now since we got the issue in the garage fixed all the boxes are on that wall we need to get out an fix it that might be what I do while hubby is home for 3 days then works for 2 then its kiddos party and then he leaves for TDY to Germany for a week. So I hope to find it then if we dont get to it before then.

On a better note our kiddo came home and told us she had a surprise for us and she did the Pledge of Allegiance for us and didn't miss a word at all. We are just greatful that her school still teaches that to the kids, because alot of schools dont.

I did take more pictures of the fish but sadly my camera batteries died so I have to let them charge before I can download them.
Well that is it for today unless before I send this I attach an older picture from one of our adventures.

Closing thoughts : Today I am going to enjoy and indulge in the simple stuff.

Mommy,Daddy, Kiddo and Rosie

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