New Fish

Beachball eating dried bloodworms off the top
Beachball has the larger dark spots and is more outgoing while Puffer is shy and hides alot
the oscar tank since the house has been remove due to them getting stuck in it have plants on the way for better hiding places.
the night light going to move it to the other tank as it makes to much current for the oscars in the tank

Well I am slowly getting my fishtanks up. Kiddo's has been up the longest since it small and easy to set up. She has a gubby, betta, and a platy in her tank.

I finally got the leak int the octagon tank fixed it is now home to fairies and 3 little oscars that are no bigger then an inch. Then I got my 20 gallon up and its home to a picus catfish. 2 puffer fish (beachball and puffer) and 2 mollies.

here are some pictures they are not good but will try to get better ones

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