I hate snakes, toads, hurricanes ....

Well yesterday I almost had a heart attack. Lets just say I opened my door to be greeted by a snake. I am not talking about a small garden snake but a large snake. To me any snake is large if its bigger then pencil. So on with my story. Kiddo and I were headed out to get the mail and when I opened the door something just didn't look there was a big Black snake along the plants that edge our garage and very close to the front door. I slammed the door so fast it was not even funny. The snake took off... I thought I had scared him off. Well I called my hubby at work telling him to get his hinny home to deal with the snake. I take care of the spiders and he is to take care of the snakes for me. Well he was not home to do it. So this whole snake sighting was at 2 pm. Well during this stuck in the house not leaving the house cause I know that the damn things is lurking for when I am not paying attention and it will scare me again. I notice that all the lizards are up on the screen of the lanai (screened in area) there had to be 30 of them or more on there. I thought hmm this is odd cause normally its stubby 1 and a few little ones. It come to be 4 30 and hubby comes home and I told him to get out there and search for the snake and if he sees it kill it wether its harmless or not. So he stating oh its long go it long gone by now. Still being the loving hubby he is he searches till I am content. Well he found it laced in my flowers. As he tries to hit it he with the hoe like thing we have have an it moves away by this time I come out onto the lanai and he is chasing it in the flower bed. So trying to be brave as my daughter is there I ask if there is anything I can do and he says no hun. So I stood there and watched him chase it and break the flowers. Then he lost it and came threw the flowers and looked at me. UGggg Hubby moved to get it and it move. and I told hubby just kill the damn thing I dont care how many plants your break I want it dead!. Well he killed it. Then had the nerve carry it through the house. Least it was bagged up) This snake was a black racer and was longer then kiddo was tall. Lucky not a dangerous one. Sad thing is they eat lizards and we have alot of them.

So With the toads (I can deal with them) Snakes ( ugggg ekk ewwww keep them away frome me) and Hurricanes ( will they ever end) life in Florida is very adventureous.

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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Just look at the adventures you are having! Ha!!!!!
Sorry to hear about your snake!