uggg what else could go wrong

Sorry I have been slacking on this but things just seem to keep popping up.

After getting this house we realized the inspectors and the homeowners screwed us big time. Things the homeowner hid such as a leaking roof and such. But here is what going on

Well lets start out 2 weekends ago we were out mowing the lawn and I just happened to look up at the ceiling in the garage to find this...

So I called the home warranty place to see if it might be covered well it was not so... we called the HOI and they had someone come out and look at it. it took a few days for them to get back to us... this was all before tropical storm fay.
So the HOI said they would not cover the roof cause it was normal wear and tear but however they would cover the damage on the inside. So we get everything set up and call the roofer. He stated that the roof there the company who built it did it to all the house. The roof was not lets say water reinforced for that is where the majority of the water run off. like this
Our Waterfall

Would you know it rained for the next few days. But he showed up and the job was done in less then 2 hrs. That leads us to Wednesday we had the crew show up for inside work...
Let me tell you I do have a major pet peeve about people who live in the US and don't use English as the main language. For crying out loud this is America SPEAK ENGLISH!!!
lol I am sure you get my point but there were 3 guys who showed up and lets just say if they knew 5 words in English I was lucky. And they didn't finish the job. they didn't frame out the door to the crawl space and the door was not fitted properly and they messed up the garage door so the min the door touched the bottom it would go back up. The next day we had the painters our they how ever were better then first group they spoke English better and were kind enough to finish up what the first people didn't. So that is all done now but the paying part.

Now let me skip back to Monday night. Our air conditioner stopped working so since its an appliance hubby called the the home warranty place again and they gave us a number to call in the morning. So It was a long hot hot night. Tuesday I call and the lady told me to call them back because they don't service where we live and they told them that over 100 times. So long story short I called them back got a new number and was told they could not make it till Wednesday. however the guy walked me through some steps to get it working for the time till they got here.
eek why does Katie and her family live so far away her hubby could have helped out
well problem was that the system had not been cleaned and the drain line had build up in it a one inch PVC pipe that was so built up it only had a hole the size of a stickpin. (One would have thought the inspectors would have caught that as well since it was not working right then and she had to call a repair guy to come out and check it.)

But that gets you all caught up on thing here other then The dog getting out and poisonous toad lurking around.

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