Turning 5 oh my...

Well at the end of the month my kiddo turns 5. This weekend we are having her party we ordered her a cake made of cupcakes. We have all the Jungle girl theme thing going on. The party is going to be held at the park. I really hate the whole rush rush. Hubby is leaving on Sunday for a week so other then the party saturday he misses her birthday and we miss him on his. He took 3 days off this week so we have him home till Wednesday. Its nice but a pain. I thought (that is what I get for thinking) that he would take her to school so I could get caught up on some sleep before he goes well no but its nice to have someone to chat with on the way home from her school.

Oh yeah was going to post some pictures from the playground. I like to take kiddo as a treat after her school since its on the way home. Next posting will be about her party.

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