Well this weekend was.....awesome and scary

Friday: went to the school Halloween parade around  1 :30. Wish I would have known they costumes were judged, however we will be more creative next year We went up to hubby's sister's(SIL) house which is like 5 1/2 hours away.  Day one the drive was long but  little one on fussed a little bit and for not having nursed since  about noon I think he did a great job.   So we get up to the horse sale and see his sister its about  8pm or so get to walk through and see the horses and give her some ideas of what kiddo wants in a horse.  Seen some that I would really love to have but  either they were way tall or  to young. I think she got a good idea on color. So we leave kiddo there with her aunt and head to there house.  Nothing bad happened yet but  it got cold  we all were up early  Kiddo and her aunt went to the horse sale, Hubby and brother in-law (BIL)went hunting and I and the little one stayed out at the house as the sale barn is dusty and from the 1/2 the night before  I was so plugged up.  Well get a call from the aunt  around 9 am ( they had been there since 5 :30) kiddos chest feels tight so I tell her to have her go sit out side where there is no dust  10 am rolls around she is still not doing well. SIL calls her hubby and tells my hubby to come get kiddo.    Hubby comes to the house in BIL's truck. funny thing is  I had no clue who he was.   I know your all saying  what! how could you not know your hubby.  Well since  hubby retired he has grown out a beard and it just didn't look like him.   so he comes in and is pissy why didn't she have her inhaler.  Well that morning I gave her 2 puffs and  asked her if she wanted to take it just in case and she told me no. The guys were to be done hunting around noon and we were going to go up and take little guy with us as he loves animals.  anyway so hubby take the inhaler and goes and gets kiddo.  Like always when she uses it  she get hyper.   She was driving me insane.  Then her aunt got to come home early and  the kids got to ride horses which is great.  Kiddo is a natural  and little one  just loved it.  So hubby walked the kids around with Dixie while SIL went and got the other horse the she took kiddo on a ride.  Kiddo came back in a pledge asthma attack  no I would say  it was the horses however we ridden before and nothing.  She calm down  to eat supper but after that she was gasping for breath. So After supper  hubby and ran to walmart and grabbed some cold and cough and allergy meds for her. Why my kiddo thinks I know nothing is beyond me. I told her to go take a hot shower and it would help.  Thank God for  the SIL cause kiddo listens to her. But from sitting in chair and gasping where she could only get  2 words if lucky out without have to take a breath again, to singing in the shower  she sure felt better.  So Sunday she rode with SIL to pick up a cousin and he came to play for awhile.  We came home with canned goods( grape and pepper jelly, apple butter, picked okra, j peppers and green beans), corn, Sweet potatoes, squash, pears that I get to try my hand at canning, a peach and apricot trees.  (can plant the pear seeds and  grow them as well)  It was a long drive back stopped at his mom's and had supper then came home.... Nice to be home but had a great time minus the sicky kid.  And the best news of all this weekend  my little man cut  his first tooth. :)  I promise tomorrow night  I will upload some pictures
Now its off to bed for this lady.

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