over a year already new start new chapter lets see if I can keep it up

Well I had this lovely idea while I was in the shower. So my idea is to change my blog some into the day of a wife of a retired person with kids! So much goes on here that I shake my head at on a daily basis that makes me wonder if  it is like this for everyone.
 So we will start out with  this morning  Why is it  I can't take a shower without being interrupted?   This morning  I asked my hubby to watch the little one so I could actually shower. (normally little one goes in with me and I get all of 10 seconds after he is handed off to the hubby before  I have to get out due to screaming)   So this morning  I thought  awww I can have a shower not even 3 minutes into the shower  hubby comes in with the boy. "Mama  I bonked my head"  (hubby says to me then proceeds to say) "Mama  what you doing in there?  don't you know that I am to be in there with you."

The thing is now we live in the country... Though with all the traffic that goes by  makes me feel like we still live in the city  as we live on a road that  goes through to a main road and is less curvy then the other one.

Every few days we end up having to chase cows out of our yard.  Sad thing we don't even have any cows yet. Though the little one enjoys it. Today was no exception we had to chase one in and the damn thing stood there and looked at me  like really lady.   So  I had to bring out  my ugly momma voice and attitude and got it moving while the little one  giggle and laughed.  He loves cows.  So with the cow out  Hubby and his brother have been trying to fix the fences that have been neglected for a few years.  (over 7)  or more since anything was done with them. As hubby says the newest fence on the place he put in when he was in High school  so you can see lots of work ahead.

Well since  I mention the little one  I do have another one that older 11 going on 20.  I love her to death but since this final move she has been a handful.  She says she likes it here but then 10 minute later she is in tears or screaming at me that  I made her move here. Why did we have to move she has no friends and such.  And why is it that Mommy gets her way all the time... ( side note here  I don't but this is her way of being prissy that I wont get her mindcraft.) So when she get mad at me this is what she pulls out and uses.  That 1 Mommy  got her perfect family ( it is true but  it took 10 years in the making to come true and yes I had hoped that when I was pregnant with her she would have been a boy but  I was blessed with an awesome sweet girl) 2 I got my salt water tank  again took over  20 years but hey whose counting right)... and it goes on and on  even that  I had my lucky boy as well.   So  when she does this  I pull my trump card.  Don't get me wrong  I am happy we have a roof over our head and such but  I play the card of  does she think that I would move my family of 4 into a 2 bedroom house that is tinier then any house other then the apt hubby and I lived in Colorado (brief time) and Montana for the rest of our lives.  NO  if I had my way I would want my lodge style house but  that is just a dream that will not ever happen unless I get rich but really don't see that happening.   Other then the normal issues with her, she is a bright young lady and we love her to pieces.  

Well better sign off for today and here are a few pictures   The kids and I had a photo shoot the other night with the fall leaves and let me just say  I forget how easy it is to take  100 plus pictures.
Rosie the wanna be cow dog

enough already mom

so happy

big boy second time riding in a shopping cart and he loves it.

Damn cow that is always getting out.
 MY awesome and handsome/beautiful Kids

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