Dear person who post on my blog,
  Although it thoughtful but lets just say your comments are being marked as spam until you apply a name to your posts.   This Blog is for my friends and family and  if you are one of them please at a name to your post if not  please stop posting on it.   I am tired of getting these messages  every few days.  I am not a mean person (unless you ask my daughter but  then I am mean for making her eat things she doesn't like).   So please put a name to your posts.

 Below is said post  I recieve:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Beef Taco Ring its whats for dinner":

This was precisely the answers I'd been searching for. Amazing blog. Incredibly inspirational! Your posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you feature are also very useful too. Thanks a lot :)

( I would love to see a name to this please)

Now off to finish the day and figure out  whats for supper :(  as  nothing sounds good

Ta Ta for now   ( also a good pre teen book!)


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