uggg a bug my daughter to smart

Well sorry its been a while again... I tend to get to busy to keep up.  Lets see what  have we done.

Kiddo is now an orange belt in TKD, she got  terrific kid at school  ( its one child picked from each class)
We celebrated birthdays. Went with friends to the zoo  and had a blast!  Girl Scouts is in full swing and I get to watch a cute little Baby :)  oh how I want another one.  I sure miss those days.  Other then that its taking kiddo or the cats to the drs/vets.   The kittens we got for Kiddos birthday ended up having  scabies... so we are treating them.   Kiddo has  depending on which dr but  I will go with the urgent care one  ezema  or how ever it spelled.  Lets just  say  I am so blessed to have the most (no words can describe) wonderful  hubby.  We took Kiddo in to the clinic do to getting a call from school saying she was ichy. Sad thing was the dr there if we were lucky looked at kiddos rash for all of 15 seconds and told us that she had scabies and issued meds for her after belittling us in front of her cause lets just say  I could have walked in  and did what he did.  After waiting for over 2 hrs to see the dr and then another  1 for the Pharmacy we were ready to head home.  As we had a girl scout meeting that night.   So on the way home  I  look at the med and thought it was odd that they had a head lice kit in the bag, after mentioning it to hubby he said  well the dr would not have prescribed it if she didn't need it.   Hubby thought she would be better off staying home just incase it was scabies.  How ever she had been going to school all week.  So I head off to girl scouts were I get a call from hubby saying they are at the urgent care and he would call when he knew more.  Know my mind is wondering what happened did she have reaction to the med he prescribed did she fall and hurt herself?  with all of this  and trying to keep  10 little daisies  11 if you count the 1 tagalong, on track.  so  I get home after swinging by the pharmacy to get the new meds.   So here is what  happened... Hubby had googled (love google)  the dcc and found out that  scabies is not cured by headlice  treatment and by looking closer  she didn't have scabies  other then the rash.  But he took her to urgent care to get the right meds.  And the dr who seen her there said it was not scabies but ezema or however you spell it. and said if  we would have used the  lice treatment, it would have burned kiddo and there would have been no way for them to ease the burning so she told hubby that he did the right thing  and this lady also gave kiddo singular which is for allergies as she during this time of year (like her mom   Goodness help her)  has a stuffy nose and a cough from hell.  So with the new meds her arms are almost cleared up and her legs would be better if she didn't pants that sit right below the knee.  LOL should have heard me on the phone with the insurance company  that was joke

Well that all I know except  you are more then likly wondering about my title.  Well  It is a shamefull day when you try to do something good and  you get  hoodwinked.   Kiddo was  upset cause she wanted to read this book but she told me it was too hard for her to read.  So being a nice mommy I tell her  that  I will get her  a toy if she can read it by friday.  Well so hubby comes home and she tells him what I told her  and then the little turd goes and gets the book that she had been stumbling on for me  and reads it like  you would tell someone your address.  Grrrr the monkey  I cant even spell things to my hubby as  she figures them our  forwards, and backwards.  What is this mom to do other then grab a cup of coffee and head for bed.

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