Birthday Surprise for Kiddo

Today  we surprised kiddo with a kitten for her birthday.  It was so funny  because  we had been planning to get one from her  TKD teacher and I thought that kiddo might have  figured it out from chatting here and there and having to pick up kitty things with her  there.   So  to make a long story short....  We got in the car and she asked where we were going  and hubby and I would not tell her.  We pull up at Ms Osak's House and  get out.  Kiddo asks why we were there.   So  I had Ms Osak tell her.   When the kitty was pointed out to her   she froze for a few then when over to it.   She was  so  surprised!!    Mommy loved every minute of it. 

So  while we were there I fell in love with one too and my darling hubby let me get it :) lol he could have talked me out of it.  So  we have  2 kittys  one is named (for how long  I have no clue)  Scotchtape because  it likes to hold on tight when kiddo is  holding it.  Hers is special  cause it has more toes on both the front and hindend then normal kittys.  As for mine  I have no clue  what  to name it   it a little shy  yet  and kiddo thinks that it should have a coffee name but nothing pops out yet.   So here are the cute little babies:

my babymmmmm food timethey are so tiny  this is one of kiddos  toddler bowls


Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Very cute~! What no barn cat!!!

CoffeeMom said...

It's sorta they were outside kitties and dealing with fleas and cant wash them with any flea stuff as they are to young.