wow where has the summer gone

 Things  here have  been so busy  I can not  keep up.   So to fill you in on whats going on  is
 1 we got a new car  kia sorento
2 lots of parties
3 did our  first  girl scout event
4 School is starting
5 planning  kiddo party
lol  so that  about  it  along with  every day life

So here are some pictures in random order

skate night

 kiddo, Ellie and Ms Margaret

 friends from old troop

pump it up Party

kiddo and rosie

our  rain

Tiny our  pleco who does  stange things

kiddos  save the  penguins display

complete life line from adult to egg


my mothers day flower  in bloom

kili tank

Kili tank

our  car

our car



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