Ginnie Springs

Oh what a fun trip even though... I forgot to pack the camp stove, there was no cover for the air matress so hubby and I had to sleep on the hard ground. Other then that it was great
Here are a few pictures some I didn't take but wanted to show you how blue the water is and at night they have lights shining on the water and its just so ...(WOW) for lack of other words. They have a few parts to this but Ginnie Springs in an unground connecting cave thing. They have the springs, devils Eyes, and Little devils eye ( I think) soo here it is and I will try to lable the picture too.  I hope you can see these all if not click on them and it should (crosses fingers and toes)  make it normal size

The store at ginnie springs (did not take this one either)

rainbow on the trip home.

Ginnie spring day time

before the people show up

tubes that are $6 a day to rent 8 for the double ones (did not take this one either)

Ready to swim

half of camp

the other half of camp (our tent )

going for air ( Kiddo took alot of the pictures in camp)

Dive Instructor, student, dive Master


more bubbles

Devils eye Dive

going up stream


cute place if kiddo would have smiled

looking back at devil's eye

Ginnie springs at night ( fuzzy peeps I know)

Kiddo way of eating a smore 1part chocolate, add Toasted Marshmallow and chew

fish at night at little devils eye

Kiddo wanted to swim at devils eye so here she is in at the little one due to to many people at the other one

dive master Denton and his wife Heather, dive instuctor mr dennington and a couple from Colorado springs

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