Spring Beauties

Okies I think that I am caught up for last month now to get a fresh start on this month and try to keep up.

We have had the ducks back in our yard for a few times a week its nice to see them out there siting in the shade. Not much new on my end other then hubby is tdy for a couple days. I really need to clean, do housework, and get outside and start cleaning the yard up and get hubby to mow uggg.. So enjoy the pictures and I will go get busy before I have to go get kiddo from the bus to start the Monday afternoon get the homework done as monday is the only night other then wed when things are not going on except girl scouts but that is after supper so.

First picture: Kiddos big board that she broke she forgot she was not to re chamber :)

Second : Perfect Break

other pictures :)

Yellow daylilly is my Mother's day gift from last year how cool for it to be blooming for this year! Kiddo was so excited. Yellow rose things is from my Rose trees that I just got and the roses started out all yellow and now they are red/orange edged. Pink is the wild as I call rose bush that is right right by the walk way to the house grow very strange like.
Kiddos first strawberries that she get to eat today after school. ( she had to show Grandpa that she can grow them too and he needs to come pick them!) plant/tree with the yellow flowers is my rose tree as mentioned above the pictures just didn't line up right.


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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Very cool! Great Job Mandy!! Love the flowers!