busy busy busy

Oh where has April gone? We have been so busy from Girl Scouts, School, TKD and Hubbys work. Well today Kiddo breaks for Charity to the Red Cross, cant wait to see this it is so fun to see the happy dance (what I call it) when the board breaks on the first time. She sure has a mean kick let me tell ya. She will be testing the 2nd week of May for her first solid yellow belt at junior rank. Now with Girl Scouts she just got back last week from her first overnight camping trip. She had a blast (thanks in part to a wonderful co leader :)) that was the first time she has ever been away with out us.

Other news.... We had visitors the other day 3 of them on our front lawn it was nice to see them enjoying the shade. (see picture below)

My rose trees are blooming!!!! I just need to find out if they can live in MO. They are so pretty.

Other then that will post breaking board pictures/video later on I hope since Kiddo has friday off and we are headed to the zoo (wish us luck) Then have to come home and try to get our teachers apperication things done. Need to come up with little thank you sayings for the little things she will get each day of the week.

Here are the pictures of the visitors, the rose trees, the Poodle skirt I made for Girl Scouts and some of Kiddo at the camp.

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