Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This was an awesome day!!!! we went to Tampa bay and got to see the the Buccaneers First night Practice. Check out what they had to say!
Also since we were one of the first 500 in the gate we got 3 free tickets for the game when they play HOUSTON. Can't wait. It was nice we did a little tailgating and got to tour the Pirate Ship. The ship is cool the cannons fire off and where we sat it was loud but we were right next to the field and kiddo got alot of waving such in with the cheerleaders. It was great but Kiddo got bored so we came home. Lets just say I was ready to go as it was so hot.

LOL okies so I am rambling now its late and we are going to Myakka River State Park. They have a canopy walkway and a few other things. We're not very happy about the park (lol) since we had planned and told kiddo that we were going to go to a bird watching trail where they loan out what you need ( bird guide and binoculars) and you have an hour class but after rechecking the time for the 10th time its only held from Thanksgiving to Easter. But the cool side is we may see a gator! ( odd I know but I really want to see one in the wild)

Will post pictures that I hope turned out since I won a camera and am trying it out its as Kodak easyshare one and its small (not like my good one that I tote everywhere and weighs a ton) but I hope I got some good one if not there is alway the next game lol or hike.

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