What a week...I mean month

Well lets just say where did this month go? I mean we have been so busy that it has flown by. Okies now on to the last Friday. My friend Laura and her 3 kids plus Kiddo and I all met hubby up at base friday afternoon to watch the thunderbirds practice. It was alot of fun just wish it wasn't so windy. Man do I love the sound of jets with afterburner going. Then Saturday kiddo had her first gymnatics class and loved it there are about 5 counting her and her teacher she knew from the birthday that she attended. Now we just have to work on heights with here she not sure of them. She would not jump in the pit even though she did at the party but a girl jumped with her and then she took off. Sunday we went to lunch and did trivia and then food shopping and after all that we went to the 3d movie of monsters vs alien or what ever it was called. Then came Monday I was put to work at kiddos school book fair for a hour in the morning when I droped her off and then for a hour when I picked her up. I think the owner of the school could be just a tad more organized. there were books that still had to be marked and labeled. But that is a long story and I dont have the engery or time to get into it. We went to CiCi's pizza place with the girls (Laura and her daughter and kiddo and I)as a treat. Then Tuesday Laura and I got to get coffee before we went to a thing for her son at his school and then tile shopping for her shower. The man at lowe's was not a very good sales person even though it was his department. Then back to Kiddo's school to work the bookfair. Then had to go get taxes started. Today was a day to stay home but was tired and felt icky all day (I think my allergies are acting up).
Then the rest of the week looks like book fair again Morning and noon and then I have to get kiddos books. Friday is Kiddos easter party at school and they are hiding eggs and the kids have to find them and such and its the last day of the book fair yippee. I am also being kidnapped to a parylite thingy with laura so it will be nice to get away with no kid no hubby and out of the house for a few hrs. Then saturday its up early to get kiddo to gymanics by 9 and then we are going to lunch and to a petstore to get her hermit crab a couple of friends. Then I am going to be lost the next week as it spring break here and there is no school, no gymntics, but we do have dr apts to start getting kiddo registered for kindergarten uggg boy time flies. Here are some pictures of this that and the air show.

The food the leapracon turn green when we were not paying attention, our artist a chalk picture of the lilies that were blooming and one of the few lizards that live in our garage thought it was cute how he was perched on the the tire.

Air show Practice pictures

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