What a month and its not even close to over yet

Well sorry for not keeping things updated but to say april I am looking around and saying where did it go. We have been so busy. Weekends are history since we have things that seem to pop up. To recap what I can remember. The 3rd was Kiddo's party at school and the last of the book fair (we got $826 of free books for the school) Her party was messed up due to the rain and alot of parents were told to show up at 9 am and some of the classes had already did everything. Gymastics was great kiddo was up on a higher beam this time (scared mommy)and got to work a little on bars. I think if she sticks with it she would be great at the beam. she just doesnt like hanging underneth it. Last week was spring break and kiddo had the whole week off. Tuesday we both had dr appointments Kiddo needed to get it done before the 23 and we register her for kindergarten. She is healthy and happy that she didnt need shots. My visit was good as well the long part of the day was her visit was at 7am and mine at 9am so we got to have breakfast and I got in earlier but waiting on med ate that time up. Also that day we tags and new plates for the car (hassle) and we had to run up to the base to get some stuff so it was in general a long day. We dyed eggs 2 batches as one you could only do while it was still warm. Baked banana bread and cookies. This last weekend we went to the Manatee viewing center since it was closing due to the water getting to warm so next fall it will open again. But we saw one manatee 2 sharks one was about a big as kiddo was and came up and out of the water and the other one was smaller and we see lots of fish.Other then that we go and do trivia at the wings place and we have been doing good we have 19th in nation the sunday before last and 15 this last sunday so its cool. That about all I know that is going on.

Here are some pictures click on them to get a full sized view.

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Rob Larsen Family said...

I love her Chef outfit! She looks so cute! (But she would look cute in anything!) HUGS