The Christmas Season

Well the start of the season and I am so far behind and its only going to get worse. I have yet to wrap a single gift, have not dug out my cards but I do have my tree up! I think its due to other then being chilly such as fall in places I have been that I just cant get in the mood this year. Plus with only being home for 2 weeks this month whats the point I wont be here to enjoy it. So I have a christmas station on thinking of what I want to do I have laundry, gifts to wrap and such but I find I dont want to do any of them. Its almost time to get Kiddo so I dont want to drag everything out just to put it up sortly. She is really snoopy anything I wont let her see she tries to peek or throws a fit cause I wont tell her. But anyways here are pictures of our tree its the first year for this tree it was easier then our last one and the lights are wired in so all I had to do was put it togather (4 pieces if you count the stand) and fluff it. Also some pictures of some of the yearly family decorations. Since Kiddo was born each year I pick one out and have our names and the year added since she is getting bigger she gets to help now. This year was the florida shaped one but I have to put the year on it (ekk)

A very tired kiddo with a castle for Grandpa


Click on pictures to see actual view!

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