Happy Thanksgiving to all

Well its that time of year again to be thankful for all the things that God has graced us with althought we should be thankful everyday. Things around our house have been semi crazy if its not one thing going on its another. Lets see Kiddo is loving school. This weekend we will attend a birthday party that she got invited too. Last week was her thanksgiving day meal thing at school it was fun she got to wear a pilgrims hat and help make the fruit salad. Posted below are some pictures that is if I can get it to work. Saturday we (kiddo and I) got to do some shopping just the 2 of us for hubby for christmas along with getting a gift for the party and such. Also that weekend and Monday had to deal with kiddo being sick. But she seems to be better now. As for Thanksgiving we are planning a quiet one at home. Kiddo is going to fruit salad, we will have ham, turkey, stuffing,potatoes and such.
Hope you all have a wonderful safe Thanksgiving!

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