Well we made it to the pool had a great time. We got the weekend shopping done even thought we didnt make it to walmart but we will do that next week before hubby goes tdy again. Unpacked more boxes and slowly are getting the empty one cut up and out of the house. (hate the recycling place) we have to cut them all down to fit in the tiny bins we have so this in the 5th time I have filled them all to get them out and the big boxes filled with paper from unpacking. I finally got the deep freeze up an going now so I have more freezer space for cool things like cookies and such.

Well for those who know I have finished my paint shop pro lessons and now I will be trying one to learn how to make scrapbook things and who knows I may try to see if I am any good to make and sell them online for fun money but we will see.

That is it for today will write more later

Oh By the way I have added a chat thing feel free to chat there and leave comments we all love to read them and I know who comes to the site lol (Kylie):P


cowgurlky said...

Haha very funny, I actually didn't know how to post a comment and it just took me 15 minutes of hunting to do so...:P

CoffeeMom said...

LOL cool know you know lol :) glad to see ya again