It is hard to believe that  it is almost  september  already.   School  is rolling right along fundraisers and  pictures  this week.   We took  kiddo into the dr  for school phyiscal and  I just  hope that  she doens't have  asthma like the dr mentioned but  we  will no know untill the xrays come back  so  a few day.   Althought  now days it seems as  if everyone has it  when back  when I was in school there were maybe a  few  that did.

We have a great neighbor that  move in next door  with  a  4th grader and a  2 year old.  So after homework  if the mom's agree  we have play dates.  So  it gets the kids  away from the tv and outside.

Its hard to belive that  my little girl  will be  8.  We found out daddy will be tdy  so  I will have to see what  I can do to throw her a party or something  speical.

The house (yes thats it name)  is  starting to feel like home  since  I now how   a tank up with fish though  I have not had a friendly more then 3 fish tank that size in a long time so  I will have  to find some more fish for it  as  one  group has died out already  due to one meany in the bunch  so  3 fish down  but  still looking for  some more  dwarf gourmis(? )  I have  2 blue one and I am wanting  at  least  8 more  in other  shades and colors.

I do say  having hubby  only  10 min drive away is sure nice. We now have a  semi set  supper time   and we  can do more family things.  Instead of  him leaving work on time and having  a  45 min drive that  turns longer due to rush hour.  The simple things.

They have some awesome sunssets  to bad  trees and houses block our few and  none of our  upstairs windows  face that way.  We came home from the pta/pizza night and the sun was just going down and it looked like a bowl of  fire  of course  I left my cameras at home and tried to use hubbys  phone  but luck is never with me ont that  so  I will have  to get my point and shoot back into my purse so  I can be ready.

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