getting back in the swing of things

Well today we had a nice family day.  Went and walked through the  2nd part of  Swan Lake Iris  Gardens.  The first part was much nicer  but   will have to check  it out later as  it say  you have to vistit it a few time  during different parts of the year.

Wednesday  we hope our stuff will be here.  Thank goodness   its hard living  on what  few things  we packed with us but  its been an adventure.

Okies  here is how  are trip  went up here.  For the most part it was good.   From  Florida we went to Missouri . Saw a place where a tornado went through  it was just   odd  trees  torn down and  a house  with a perfect lawn  just 50  feet away from all the damage. Started out in south MO  with  Ron and Glenna  and then  we went to  His moms  house  ( that will  a trip we will not soon forget)  Kiddo's cat pooped  in the carrier and all over the other cat too and  we have no clue how how we all made it with  up chucking from  the smell.  Then  after a few days there we  headed up to Lisa and  Dan's and saw Baylor.  There was a colt there  and we got to do some fishing heheh Brad got  skunked  LOL.  Then  like normal  when we left  it was storming  and  it followed us  tell  5 o'clock when we saw that sun for the first time that day.  We stayed that night  in a  nasty  hotel  I have never had  a pet room smell so bad uggg, we got a free breakfast but  it took  20 minutes for a waitress to notice us  and take our order.  After that  we drove through the smoky mountians. was a nice  drive  cool to look out and see little patches of fog  or  low clouds in some of the valleys.  We  got to sumter  nothing even close to what  I expected.  I thought my home town was odd  however this town takes the cake on that one.  the main street  (Broad) has  as many closed places as it does open.  its hard to explain  things are so mixed up. But  I love the country feel   trees everywhere.   Tried a new  steakhouse  it was great  except its one of the places that  I have to wipe the table down, and make sure I order coffee for 2 reasons  so I have a plate to put my silverware on and so that I can keep my airway open  in case  they have  buckets of peanuts on the table and shell on the floor. But  even if I get sick the steak is to die for (mmmmm) Well   that  about all  I know so far  was hoping to get my pictures up with this one of our trip however  the pictures are still  downloading as  I cant do anything on the net with hubby on wow as  somehow my comp makes his laggy.... ( you dont want to know my thoughts on that) 

Well I think I am off to bed  I may sneak a peach before I go or  I will not get any again.  Thank goodness my hubby and kiddo love fruit!

Will try to get the pictures up tomorrow  of if not  they will be on my photobucket site and  under  Sumter in a file called   Trip to Sumter.

Have a great night

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