may/june update

Well boy time is slipping away. I think that we have been on the go more the we are at home.
Lets see we finish out Girl Scouts for this year, by the bridging and going to Great Explorations ( I didn't attend that event but the girls had fun and got to go play at park that had water things) School got out on the 10th of June and we attended the awards thing and kiddo did great she got... Panther Pride (give by the PTA), Citizenship for the month of June, Terrific Kid given by the Kiwanis club, and she also got Citizenship for the whole school year (was given out to 2 kids in each class...not bad for having 16 kids)

Have been celebrating a bunch of birthdays this month.
We still do Gymnastics and TKD.

Well I better get to bed we have gymnastics in the Morning and then heading to the zoo with some friends after we have lunch at McDonalds!!

Enjoy and please leave some comments... Thanks

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