January is LOL almost over

Well I will try to write another post after the Girl Scout Father/Daughter Ball and post picture if I get some back in time since Mommies are not allowed unless they want to work. So lets see if I can get all caught up.

Kiddo and I are selling girl scout cookies and so far she is doing get to reach her goal of 250 boxes. Thinking day for GS is coming up and the troop got India and we have our paper done for that. Now we just have to get a poster done before the next service meeting for the gs is turning 98 this year.

TKD is going good she will test for her yellow belt the 22nd of Jan and then we are going to see if she would like to move up to a junior class.

Yesterday I got to go to the Lipizzaner Stallion show and it was out of this world.

Kiddo has made apple Kiwi apple sauce recipe is put 2 peeled kiwis in with one cored apple in the blender and mix it like you would salsa.

only other thing new is that hubby hurt himself playing soccer at manditory fun. He did a slide tackle twice on the same leg.
hubby's owie1

hubby's owie2

hubby's owie3

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