Gingerbread (Cracker house)

well This was a fun learning process tonight.  Kiddo and I decided to make a graham cracker  house  for christmas.  Well lets say that   pictures are worth a 1000 words.

So Kiddo is excited about the house  and we  start with the sides and  let it dry and then move on th the roof and such. She had to add a place for santa to  to fish too.  all looked well as she started to decorate the house. I dont know if it was the weight of the candies or  her pushing on them but we had an a Hurricane on on snow she called it.  Ever so slowly  it started to fall and fall and fall..... when it was all said and done the fish had lived  :)   And the best part there was no tears or such as  we were laughing  in spite of ourselfs.

Well no sure if this will be the last post till the new year or not so.....

Merry  CHRISTMAS  from our family to yours... ( cards maybe late as  I am having fun with my kiddo while things are still magical  to her  :)  We just love our  reading  Christmas storys by the tree.

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