Trying to update my look

I am trying to update my page as I have had the same background for I dont know how long but if anyone knows a cool one that would fit me let me know. I am off tomorrow to a Veteran's day parade that kiddo is walking in for the Girl Scouts then we may go catch a hockey game. Then we have one week to get ready to have a break for for a week I cant wait but it will be long and such.

Update on me... Well like last year another lung infection, more pills to take. lol hubby takes me to a cold area where I will cough like crazy.. and its to MO again and I had this at about the same time or christmas who knows. Teeth are slowly getting done.

okies off to check to see what going on or going down in our area will post if I find what I am looking for.

So again please excuse my blog as I try to find something that is me and fun and such.

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