Coastal Trekkers what a bust

I really hate it when things are planned and then they dont follow through. MOSI a museum of Science down here was to have the girl scouts go snorkling and learn about manatees and such. Well to make a long story short no one from mosi showed up and the people at fort De Soto had no clue what was going on. So we got to spend part of the day at the beach it was fun but I really wish we could have done the Trekkers thing cause it sound so fun! But here are some pictures and the awesome bridge that we had to cross over to get to the place. some bridge pictures were not taken by me. The pink shirts are what my friend and I made for the troop so we would not lose anyone.

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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Love the clouds over the water picture. Looks like fun was had even though it didn't turn out like it should!