I know I am way behind!

Well so much for trying to say on top of things. Life this month is crazy. Just wenn I think everything is under control another thing pops up. So to recap this month... Thank goodness its almost over! Had school shopping to do, got a new fishtank!(will post pictures later on) had a quick sad trip to MO Brad's uncle passed away. Sad day for all around it hit kiddo hard she says she had a special bond with him and I beleive it. Before I start crying again. EJ was a wonderful guy who will be missed greatly..... okies I back now had to dry my eyes lets see then when we got back school started, hubby has things going on at work, and such. Just to let you all know kiddo will be joining girl scouts this year she will be a daisy will know more in sept. She is still doing gymnastics and we are thinking of putting her into a karate class but still not sure have to check it out and see if its taught ok and if she really wants to do it. Here are random pictures of things that have been going on. ( yes mom I know they are not all labeled sorry)

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