Our trip

Well I have been slow getting this done since its rush rush for everything. So my friends told me to blog so it will have to be our trip lol. Was a wreak about finding our way through the airport! Kiddo had a blast on the plane she is a great flier and when I get her camera done I will post her pictures that she took at the airports and on the plane. I forgot to metion to Kiddo that the wings of the plane move and she thought we were going to crash lol but other then that I made her wish come true to be as high as the clouds. Okies so after trying to navigate in the Denver airport and not getting any help I make it to my sisters house. Only to be up and out of the house at 4am on on the trip to Montana. It was a long car ride but fun. We had got kiddo excited about going in to see the rodeo parade the they were moving cows down that road and kiddo asked mom is that what you call a cow parade? It was just to cute so I took pictures for her. We got to see the slack time for the rodeo and such before we went on another crazy trip trying to get the dinosaur trail done as we went to visit my grandparents in ND. While in ND we got to go to the zoo there it was nice. Then on the way home we did more of the dino trail. When we got home we went fishing over the 4th of July and other then the nasty hordes of mosquitos it was nice. Got a wonderful sunburn. My brother and kids made me a cake that said happy mocha birthday and was shaped like a coffee cup and then while we were all there we celebrated dads and moms as well so the kids could be there for it. I hope they enjoyed it. Then we headed for the springs a hard time cause I hate leaving. Only to get there and my hubby was there tdy its odd to see each other when he is tdy. We tried to get the flight changed so we could come home together but the airline wanted 500 bucks to change our tickets to 3 hr later grrrr so we came home and about 4 hrs later hubby was home. SO all in all great trip way way way to short.
hmmm did I cover it all? about your grandma, the dino museums, the zoo (did you get to go?) your parents, pics of the kiddo's playing... (lol love ya hun heheh)
So now I will get to the pictures. this is only part of my pictures so you all can stop bugging me for a minute or 2 LOL

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