our week update or so I think

Well things have been busy here, with school, tdys, trying to get everything ready to pre register for Kindergarten, things in general you name it it has happened. So lets start off with Kiddo got a new pet. (Click on the picture to see a bigger one)

Her crab has been more active now that we made a new habitat for him (yes it is a him) He has changed shells 6 or more times.

We have been waiting and hoping for clear skies tonight as the Discovery Shuttle should launch and we have been told we can see it from here so Kiddo gets to stay up a tad later as it is educational. Hopefully one day before we leave we can go closer and see it from the cape I think that would be cool. So if it does Launch tonight I will post the video I get of it

This friday I watched a friend's daughter as she was on a fieldtrip with her son. So I picked them both up at school and went to a picinic at the park. Then it was so hot we came home and boy you could tell it was friday the 13th because they were wild.

Then the end of this month is a book fair and I was asked if I could help so I will be busy for a week in the morning helping people find some books

Here are some odd pictures Kiddo doing yoga, her flower, little amadeus (crab) and a lizard that now lives in our bird house

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