This weather is for the birds...

(picture by By: jrtampa Jan.22,2009 7:00 A.M. from Snap)

Alright I am complaining.... What is up with this last week and this week of weather. I am told that this is not normal but waking up in a house that is 50 degrees and then having to walk in 20-30 degree weather in Floria takes the cake. I have been telling hubby that there has to be a heat of some sort in this house and he tells me no its Florida. I am praying that the weather people are right and that it will be back up to 70s by saturday. Today it was 22 out when I took kiddo to school there was frost on the ground and people having to scrap it off the car. One idiot (yes I said it) took a garden hose to thier suv and since it was cold it froze the door shut. I looked at the temp a few minutes ago and its up to 34 hoping it gets a tad warmer before I go get kiddo. I all can say is thank goodness I didn't get rid of all my winter cloths. Ok I think I vented enough

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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Ha ha!! We have your 70 degree weather!!! It is nice to wake up in January and wear a sweatshirt to take Gavin to school!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!