Here's to the New Year

Well in short December was the month for the whole family to be sick. First Kiddo came home sick, I got it and had to go to urgent care then before our trip to Missouri, Hubby came down with it. Our trip was good except the drive there we maybe had 2 -3 hrs of driving with no fog. There were times that you could see the exit sign only when you were on top of it. but there were no lights visible. Christmas was great at our house and in Missouri. Sad that the closest we got to snow was frost and rain. Here are some pictures.

Card that Kiddo made for us at school its very cute
Kiddo with Uncle Ron's Puppy The poor puppy just wanted to get away from her.

The next 3 pictures are taken at bass pro shop we have a hunter on our hands. She was only 2 inches or so off of the targets she was aiming for. We had to take pictures of the reindeer for Grandma and the big fish. The store has changed by the checkout counters the ceiling is painted and looks like you are under water you can see fish mounts,ducks divining and boat bottoms. Its really cool. If I can find a picture of it I will post it.

Story Time with Uncle/Grandpa Dan
kiddo with her younger cousins

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Rob, Bev and Gavin said...

Very cool!! Looks like Mandy had lots of fun!!!