uggg I hate Doctors

CONGRATS to Meg and her family for bringing in to this world a 7lb 1 oz 20" long baby boy just in time for Christmas ( Merry Christmas Z man )

Well I was still not doing better and felt like i was getting worse so hubby (bless him) called around to see if the base or the sister clinic had an ER to go to well no and we could not get the insurance on the line so we called a urgent care center in town and they do the insurance there. Well we get there and I have 4 pages of info to fill out then I get back there and for what they did I could have stayed home other then the pill they gave me. the dr listen to my symtoms and then listened to my lungs gave me a pill and breathing treatment and then filled out scripts for 2 more meds and then I went home. Not a whole lot of places fill meds on Sunday. I just hope I do kill myself on the walk to kiddos school tomorrow it for the 4 times I have to walk it to and back is about a mile and we went shopping a walmart before the dr and I thought I was going to die just walking from the comp to the couch is hard work. Then I have kiddos party at school tuesday and thrusday we head to the inlaws for christmas and then I also have to get in with my regular dr before thursday if I can uggg I have not packed or anything I have laundry and all that to do and I feel like something the cat has drug in. So who knows when I will post again but I will catch you all Later

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