Ice Cream social and other things

Well not really what I expected or thought it would be but I am interested in finding more out about the PBS thing they are starting at the school...No not the show on tv its about behavior and such I think is Positive Behavior Support thing. But tonight Kiddo was clingy she not one for loud and alot of people, even though all the teachers say she very outgoing and she would not talk to any of them.

Kiddo has show and tell time for the Letter B and she is taking in her stuffed Beaver and I printed out a fact sheet about beavers since they are not native down here and I doubt many know what they are.

We also caught some catipillers that will turn into a spotted wasp moth if they live. We are not having much luck on that end since our puffers died it was one of 2 things kiddo over feeding them ( she would feed them without asking me) or the way they were handled when we got them.

For Katie!!! a picture of the birds that like to chase me :P

There are also pictures of the wedgits kiddo got for her birthday she loves thems and kiddo who uses a ton of detangler in her hair to brush it before bed.

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