2 weeks

Well Hubby left yesterday for 2 weeks in Germany. He is going to be so mad he forgot his Shaving kit here. Going to have to make a list for him for next time. If you would like to see where my lucky hubby gets to stay and sites to see in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Click here
He is so lucky!!! I want snow TOO!!!!

Oh this week is going to be busy. Kiddo school is still doing the colors so Today she had to wear purple, Tues is black, and wed is white. then Thursday is her first field trip they are going to a pumpkin patch. Then Friday is the Fall harvest/Halloween party thing. I think its cool cause they do a community service food drive along with harvest party thing. So we have to get her geared up in her costume. Then is Halloween!

Also along that this week we have to carve pumpkins. Its a good thing I looked into the car before hubby left or uggg we would have a foul smelling car can you imagine 2 pumpkins in the backseat for 2 weeks in a parked car in the heat ugggg.

All three of Kiddos Cocoons hatched so today we get to release the last one. I will get some pictures added to the site. The last one flew out and landed on her finger. She told me good thing cause caterpillars are hard to keep feed and the what the become is worth the hard food gathering.

Oh I do have some pictures to post that Kiddo and I took on our walk with Rosie a few day/weeks ago of the sun set on the pond behind our house. So here they are I have to get Kiddo hair done for school and see why the smoke alarms just beeped 2 time. ( I must be thinking to hard)
Will post again soon.

Pictures are...Sunset over the pond, the dusk sky (taken by kiddo) the sunset on the pond far away (taken by kiddo) more sunset and Rosie sitting pretty ready for her walk

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